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Reasons to Choose GRIP

At GRIP, everything is about earning your business…one customer at a time. It’s about building relationships and fostering business partnerships that will last long into the future. Our goal is to have Customers for Life.  The future here is exciting and we’re hoping that you can be a part of it as one of our many Customers for Life.

In an attempt achieve this, we’d like to review with you the following reasons why anyone should consider GRIP as a vendor:


GRIP is a different importing company than most others. The name, for instance, sounds like a tool name. We are an innovative company that offers the latest and greatest tools, Goodyear Air Hose, Magnetics, Camping, Cargo Control, LED Lights, General Merchandise and other inventions to our clients. Our remarkable connections enable us exclusivity on many items, which in turn provides our clients with first mover advantages. These advantages will then be passed on to your customers.

Packaging and Quality

We know how important presentation is when it comes to sales. Therefore, we’ve acquired an excellent advertising team to assist our graphics art department in designing attractive packaging that will catch the customer’s eye. We insist on the best possible packaging, and we’re constantly seeking ways to improve upon it.

We also realize that quality is very important when purchasing tools. Our #1 priority is to provide you GRIP quality products. The race for quality has NO finish line.

GRIP Excellence and Client Service

There is more to the GRIP line than tough, durable, quality tools. In addition to price, packaging, and quality, you deserve the best service. We value the partner relationships we’ve developed with our clients and are extremely committed to keeping them. This is why it’s not an option for us to provide comprehensive customer service and support. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.

One way to keep our clients satisfied is to maintain a constant inventory. Therefore, we make it a point to have a large safety stock of the items you are buying. Having a large safety stock ensures that you will have the needed merchandise available at all times. This will keep you prepared for unexpected changes in market demand and will also reduce your risk of running out of inventory. We have a stock ratio of approximately 90% so it will be rare for us to run out of an item. Remember, complete customer satisfaction is one of our major goals. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are totally satisfied.


Innovation and Exclusivity

At GRIP, we aim to keep abreast of the competition and to do this by developing new items. We are constantly working on getting new ideas and new products out into the marketplace. One thing that helps us do this is the tremendous relationship we’ve developed with our overseas agents. So, if your company wants/needs any specialty tool items made available or wishes to implement a whole new line, GRIP will be of great service in helping you achieve your goals. GRIP is a growing and innovative company who’s quickly becoming a household name. Let us use our strengths to help you achieve your marketing goals.

These are just a few of the reasons successful companies have established and maintained excellent business relationships with GRIP. In seeking to not only meet your expectations but far exceed them, I sincerely hope to add you to the ranks of GRIP satisfied customers!

With an offering of over 1000 of the best selling items in stock and ready to ship, our skilled merchandising staff can target a program for virtually any customer. Our 200,000 sq. ft. distribution facility is designed specifically for immediate order fulfillment and delivering fill rates of 98% or greater. Please feel free to call us with any questions.