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Welcome to the new GRIP Blogger and Influencer Network. We’ll be working with featured contributors from across the GRIP categories – automotive experts, woodworkers, lighting and home DIYers – to bring you informative blog posts on the subjects that interest our clients. From tips and tricks to tool maintenance and safety, maker stories and event announcements to new product launches and innovation updates, the GRIP blog is your one stop destination for all things tool, DIY and Maker related. We’ll bring you the inside scoop from events, like the upcoming MAKEcation, and let you know about what’s on the horizon. And we’ve also created a new incentive program to attract the best and brightest bloggers that have built their own amazing audiences.

The latest featured post will appear at the top of the blog and all other posts will be in chronological order in the feed. You can click on the categories at the top of the blog or in the right rail to drill down to the content that interests you. You can also click on the categories listed at the bottom of blog posts to see more content. Blog posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and here on WhyGrip.com. To learn more about the benefits of being part of the GRIP Blogger and Influencer Network , read on…..

As a member of the GRIP Blogger and Influencer Network, you will receive FREE products, exclusive coupons and deals, and will be the first to find out about new products before they hit the market.  We are always looking to expand our network of like-minded partners. If you are interested in joining the GRIP Blogger and Influencer Network, please complete the following form. If we’re a match, you will receive confirmation from us within two weeks. Thank you for applying!

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GRIP's VIP Blogger Network Manager

Jake Wengroff is the GRIP Blogger and Influencer Network Manager & Senior Editor at WhyGrip.com. With a passion for all things home, Jake writes about interior design and decorating, home remodeling and loves scouring Pinterest for the best DIY projects. In his free time, Jake enjoys flipping furniture and hunting for the latest DIY trends. As the former Global Director of Social Media and Public Relations at Frost and Sullivan, Jake has the experience to manage GRIP’s Blogger and Influencer Network and welcomes you to apply today. Follow Jake on Twitter at @GRIPonToolsPR and feel free to reach out to him at jake@whygrip.com.