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101 Bright Ideas: Winning Tactics to Increase Retail Sales

Here is the definitive playbook for retailers who want to compete in the modern era.

Competition from all sides, intense pressure to reduce costs and increase revenue, the elimination of traditional supply chain and distribution options: these are the causes of concern for many retailers.  But this book from Elias Amash offers dozens of simple yet powerful ideas that any retail owner can implement to get strong results for their business.  The book shows that – contrary to what many analysts suggest – traditional retail stores still offer value that many costumers seek out.  These are important ideas that the digital experience cannot deliver.  The book examines many topics including exceptional customer experience, how to satisfy and win DIY customers, and how traditional marketing for retail still works.

The book also reinforces ideas that many retailers understand but might struggle to implement: how to embrace mobile marketing, how your staff can be a secret weapon, why good PR can trump advertising, and many more.

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